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Our Equipment

Skip’s Hauling has the right truck, tractor or container for every job, no matter how big or how small. We can take a single item, or tear a whole house down!! We have trucks ranging from standard pick-up size capable of carrying 3 cubic yards of debris-to large dump trucks capable of handling up to 35 cubic yards of debris or material in one load. We have bobcats and small excavators for smaller, residential projects. We also have larger machines for whole house and large building demolition projects. We have 10, 15 and 20 yard containers that can be left for a day, week or month.

Black Stakebed Truck

Yellow Dump Truck Photo 2 Black Stakebed Truck Photo 2This is a Ford F550. The cab is the size of a standard pickup truck, but the bed is flat and can accommodate much larger loads. This truck can handle between 15-20 cubic yards of debris. The charge to fill this truck with items from a ground level would be approximately 350.00. Please call for a more accurate estimate of the cost of your job.

White Roll-off Truck

White Roll-off Truck White Roll-off TruckThis truck’s cab is also the size of a pickup, but the bed consists of a roll off container, or a flatbed trailer. We can either load the container or trailer for you on the spot and drive away with the debris, or the container can be left at your location for you to fill at your convenience. We also use this truck to carry some of our smaller bobcats to job sites. Prices start at 315.00 for a 10 yard container. Please call us for a more accurate estimate of the cost of your job.

Yellow and White Dump Trucks

These trucks are workhorses ready for large jobs, capable of handling 35 cubic yards of debris or material in one load. We can bring one or both trucks, and depending on the size of the job, can keep them going all day. Charge to fill one of these trucks would start at 495.00, depending on the material to be hauled. Please call us for a more accurate estimate of the cost of your project.

Bobcats: Trackhoe and Skidsteer

We use these for smaller-scale demolition and excavating projects such as small outbuildings, driveways, patios, etc. We have hydraulic jack hammer attachments for breaking up concrete. We charge by the hour or by the project, so please call us for an accurate estimate of the cost of your project.


DumpsterWe have 10, 15 and 20 yard Roll Off Dumpsters that can be rented by the day, week or month. Please call one day in advance to reserve a dumpster for your project. The dumpster can be placed anywhere you specify. You are free to put anything you want in our dumpsters, we have no limitations or exclusions! Dumpster rentals start at $315 per week.


TrailersWe have various sized trailers we use for jobs in tight spaces! These trailers can come with sides, or without, depending on your project. Sometimes it’s “close quarters” and a trailer can be just the vehicle for the job. We load trailers just like we do trucks, and can even leave a trailer for you to load at your convenience.